Superfood Smoothie:

3 cups coconut water or spring water
3 TBL Chia Seeds
3 TBL Hemp Seeds
1/2 Cup Cashews (optional)
1 TBL Coconut oil or . Cup Coconut Milk
Pinch of Sea Salt
Use Stevia or Xylitol as sweetener - sweeten to taste. 

Blend on high and serve in your fave glass! Enjoy this rich, chocolate,
superfood beverage that will have your energy soaring, your mind focused,
your immune powered up, and your spirit feeling good! 

Optional Additions: 
In the warmer months add:
* Frozen or Fresh Cherries for that Chocolate Cherry Flavor! (YUM) or * Ice for a cool and frothy smoothie


A paste is a great way to get your superfood in a pinch! Spread it on toast, fruit, or simply eat as is

3 TBL Resonance
1 TBL coconut oil
Pinch of Sea Salt
1 tsp Raw honey or Stevia or Xylitol (sweeten to taste)
* Warm Water 

Place in resonance, salt, and coconut oil in bowl, add sweetener, then add small amounts of luke warm water and mix until creamy and the desired consistency.